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Saturday, October 08, 2005

And In Other Shocking News

Canadians may be devastated to learn that they are rather similar to Americans:
Paul Trapnell, a professor of psychology at the University of Winnipeg, agreed that claiming particular national character traits can support certain motives: differentiating a population from other cultures and building its self-esteem.

"So we'll try to see ourselves as different from Americans and the differences we'll latch onto are the differences that also serve our desire to think good about ourselves," said Trapnell, one of three Canadian researchers who contributed data to the study.
Darcey of Dust My Broom predicts mass denial, even while he punctures another stereotyped news article.

Well at least in the winter, Canadians, on average, are colder.
Having lived in the north, I have noticed that they have good heat. So the Canadians themselves might not be colder.

Some of the older houses down here don't have any type of heating other than fireplaces and/or space heaters, so when it drops down into the 20s the inhabitants are cold. But that happens rarely.
I was in Edmonton one August, I don't think it ever gets that cold here.


Maybe if you crawled in the freezer. I don't recommend that though. But they do have that neat little system of tunnels and walkways, you can walk everywhere and never once set foot outside.
Well, it does get a little warm in Texas.... I can see why you would be impressed.
Canadians are different. They obsess over a piece of frozen rubber, ice and sticks.

In addition, a sports hero isn't respected unless teeth are missing.
They do like to fight, but only on ice.
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