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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bipartisan Greed Indeed

Howard of Oraculations can barely contain his disgust with Republicans over several issues, and one of them is the Republican buckle over the Coburn initiative to cut funding for porky projects. Howard snarls out his wrath here and here. But unfortunately some of the Democrats are no better, so here he takes a whack at Patty Murray.

Also, don't ignore his coverage of the UAW story. This stuff means something. Our country as a whole is off on a somnambulistic stroll into financial disaster. The public unions, the private unions, Congress and even private companies seem to subscribe to the idea that if you throw enough money into a circle somehow it will all work out. It won't. The music always stops and the taxpayers or the stockholders get stuck with the bill.

We need to concentrate on electing fiscally sane politicians. Just electing an R or a D isn't going to cut it. The Barking Dingo contemplates the fate of the Coburn Amendment from the other side of the political spectrum in a fine post. His conclusion:
Unfortunately, the amendment went down 82-12, meaning there was bipartisan greed going on.
Greed and no respect for the taxpayers or those who have been wiped out. This is ridiculous, and everyone with half a brain knows it.

Two words. TERM LIMITS!
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