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Friday, October 07, 2005

The Chancellor And The Caliphate

I was reading Spiegel and switched over to the English version, and the two top stories are
Well, I guess laid-off BBC reporters need something to do.

Update: See Mike Butler's post about Al Qaeda in Iraq. The misreporting of the whole issue, and especially of the ideological motivations of those who feel entitled to blow up workingmen and mosques in Iraq, utterly distorts the American public's understanding of the whole issue.

The Germans will in the end, be Germans. Ordnung will rule.

As for Al Qaeda- they are living on borrowed time- literally and figuratively.
I found myself wondering if Sheehan and her types understood at all that Al Qaeda's aim is to establish a dictatorship? Probably not.

The Caliphate thing really has me sick. One of the two episodes that has already been produced that contains a little blurb about total war having been declared on the Shiites of Iraq.

Of course they aren't kidding. The bombing of mosques and children shows that. What does it take to live in ignorance of this slaughter? What kind of mind can blank out what is happening?
My message to Al Qaeda: Keep on dreamin'. What an exercise in wishful thinking.
I read that Schroeder is still demanding that he get's support as Chancellor. It looks like it will be a bit before this is resolved.
Irina, Al Qaeda is not exactly firmly founded on fact. They may dream but they do act on those dreams in a very horrific way. This total war thing is outrageous. Why do we not see this in our American newspapers?

Gindy, I am beginning to suspect that all politicians grow into the same size egos. Everywhere!
MoM, thanks for posting this. You are so right about them not kidding about the war on the Shiites. Sheehan and her ilk can blank it out probably because what they read only reinforces their opinions -- without any facts. If they had to actually learn facts...well... their whole world would crumble.
Esther - it is horrible. Truly horrible. Also outrageous.
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