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Thursday, October 13, 2005

EU Confirms H5N1 In Turkey

The previous test results have been confirmed by EU tests. See this BBC article:
EU Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou said the European Union should be ready for a potential flu pandemic.

It came after tests on dead birds from Kiziksa, north-west Turkey, confirmed the H5N1 strain. An outbreak in Romania is assumed to be the same, the EU said.
Mr Kyprianou said an emergency meeting would be held later on Thursday to discuss what measures to take.

The commissioner confirmed the virus found in Turkey was the deadly strain, adding: "There is a direct relationship with viruses found in Russia, Mongolia and China."
So it is the Qinghai strain of H5N1. There were multiple unofficial reports in China of people becoming ill from contact with wild birds infected with this strain.

There have been consistent rumors from Iran (see OIE report) and Bulgaria about wild birds dying (three birds submitted for testing) and it is likely that bird populations in those countries have also been infected with the same virulent strain of H5N1.

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