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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Fight Of The Day

In the spirit of theocratic coffee cups, I have decided to post about the weirdest events I run into that involve people worrying too much or trying to control other people. Are we a nation of control freaks?

Today there are two entries and a followup to the Evil Theocratic Empire of Coffee cups, provided by the Barking Dingo himself.

Our first control freak entry is Dingo's post about the Fitzgerald hysteria - it's funny, but I think he has a good point when he writes about immediate gratification:
Indict Patrick Fitzgerald!

That is right! You heard me! Indict the bastard for etxreme anit-American behavior! Enough of this "responsible and dignified" investigation. Does the man not know he is being anti-American by not letting us already know who will be indicted, what they will be convicted of and whose "girlfriend" they will be once they report to Leavenworth prison?
Our second entry comes from Michele Agnew, as if you needed a good reason to visit her blog. It's about a Catholic school principal who is forbidding all the students in his high school to have blogs. No, really - go read it. At one point he says he is taking the step to protect students from online sexual predators, but then he is also quoted as saying that it's about "teaching common civility, courtesy and respect."

I think the bloggers of the world were just insulted....

I wonder that principal would make of a guy passing himself off as three dead shrinks...
They are really affraid of the Blogosphere BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!
I think the principal was, or was afraid of what his students would write about.
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