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Friday, October 07, 2005

The Firly Brinkmire Of Miers, Part 2028

I'll concentrate on the roundups. Beth flaunts her Vastly Conspiratorial Right Wings here. When David Broder starts quoting people like Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society things have gotten interesting.

The Anchoress has a comprehensive one which includes Thomas Sowell:
What is weak is the Republican majority in the Senate.

When it comes to taking on a tough fight with the Senate Democrats over judicial nominations, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist doesn't really have a majority to lead. Before the President nominated anybody, before he even took the oath of office for his second term, Senator Arlen Specter was already warning him not to nominate anyone who would rile up the Senate. Later, Senator John Warner issued a similar warning. It sounded like a familiar Republican strategy of pre-emptive surrender.

Before we can judge how the President played his hand, we have to consider what kind of hand he had to play. It was a weak hand -- and the weakness was in the Republican Senators.
Such is life. Carl at No Oil For Pacifists thinks it boils down to this:
1) Miers is not the most qualified potential nominee.

2) See # 1.

It's that simple. Don't over-complicate or -nuance the issue.
Being Carl, of course he includes other links and quotes. I think this divide mostly breaks down to those who take Carl's position and those who wince and agree with Sowell:
The bottom line with any Supreme Court justice is how they vote on the issues before the High Court. It would be nice to have someone with ringing rhetoric and dazzling intellectual firepower. But the bottom line is how they vote. If the President is right about Harriet Miers, she may be the best choice he could make under the circumstances.
There are a few others who seem to be ranting just for the rant's sake. SC&A raised an eyebrow and let fly:
The President of the United States does not owe those who voted for him anything. His debt and obligation are to the nation. That we have made politics into a madcap circus-like waltz of clowns doesn't change that truth. Nor does it reflect poorly only on politicians- it reflects poorly on us, as well.

We have elected this President- twice. Notwithstanding the belief by many that everyone who voted for Mr Bush is retarded and deserves to be shot or have the right to vote taken away from them, the voice of the nation was heard.
I don't find Ann Coulter particularly credentialed on this issue either, because she also claimed that Roberts was a stealth nominee and a conservative betrayal. I guess Ann feels she should be a committee of one to pick SC nominees. A hundred senators don't agree with her, so....

I think Howard at Oraculations is finding the tone of the overall debate somewhat less than impressive. He resorts to a pictorial explanation.

I've been waiting to have something to add- but I can't.

What you said.
Well, there isn't much else to say. I suppose that finding out more about the lady will add some life to the debate.
I'm waiting, too.

How cool is your title? I use that expression all the time now!!!

More goodies to follow, unfortunately.
Mamacita, it just seems to fit, doesn't it?
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