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Friday, October 28, 2005

Freak-Out Friday: DU About Carl Rove

DU Thread on the news that Carl Rove will not be indicted today:
30. Lump of coal for Fitzmas
Rove could molest John Roberts kids at half time of the Super Bowl and would somehow escape prosecution on some technicality. I am so disappointed -- assuming the news reports are accurate. Sure, he may still be under investigation, but if Fitz had the goods on Rove the indictment would be announced today. This really sucks.
You may have wondered what could cause DU to get religion....
16. Patience, grasshoppers.
Rove's turn will come.

Response to Reply #16
23. Yah....Thats what they all say.....(but I pray your right)
On the other hand, jubilation has erupted over the news that Libby has resigned.

And only DU could leap from the news that the Iranian president called for the destruction of Israel to this:
3. our president is stupider than your president, na, na, na, na. . . ..

13. US/Iran/China
This GOP has an agenda, a massive global destructive agenda...I truely believe that the GOP wants WWIII. In order to fullfill biblical prophecy they have to take action and put certian things in motion in order to make those prophecies come to light. If they dont then nothing in the biblical prophecies would ever happen.

With that in mind, I heard something rather disturbing today. Instead of disarming US nuclear weapons, there is actually a build up. This is due inpart to a possible confritation with China that the GOP is instigating somehow...Anyone else here this or something along those lines??

18. Are british and US sources the only ones saying this so far?
I mean we know how it works now people. How do we know the leaders of Iran have even actually said this?

20. Alrighty then
The game goes on. Anyone else think that anyone with a penis should be banned from being a world leader for about a century?
Yup. In 20 easy steps, DU can get from Iran developing nuclear power and calling for the destruction of Israel to a call to ban male presidents. Don't try this at home, folks! These are trained reality-denial acrobats - you might suffer a severe cognitive dislocation if you tried to duplicate the feat. Just enjoy the show in the safety of your own homes.

Insanity. People like that keep people like Dr Sanity in new Mercedes, year in, year out.
I followed a freeper thread. It started out with Fitzgerald being on a political witch hunt and ended with the indictments were due to a black woman being the foreman.
Goes to show you insanity crosses all lines.
I would think more than one member of the grand jury would have to vote for indictment, wouldn't you?

How would they know who was even on the grand jury, though? Aren't grand jury proceedings supposed to be away from the public eye?
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