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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Giving It Back To God

Kobayashi Maru's brother is dying now. If you are moved to be with them in prayer, please do so.

The Anchoress. Hootsbuddy. Ilona at True Grit. As Hootsbuddy says, it's been a rough few months. So many deaths - Pakistan, Guatemala, the Gulf Coast.... So many families and so much mourning. A human being cannot carry the burden of all that, so we pick up what portion of the burden we can and give the rest back to God in trust. At least, that's how I do it. What I can do I do, and in prayer I tell God what I can't take of and inform him that it is his problem. That might be presumptuous, but I know no other way but madness or oblivion to the suffering of others.

I live in an area that is quite rural by most people's standards. A couple of weeks ago there was a fire. The mother got out but her two young children died. In this area, many people know some member of the family. We are stricken, devastated and overcome. So, back to you, Father.

As I have noted earlier, I will leave to God those things that are in His purview.

Prayer remains in mine- and that I shall do.
Yes. All that happens here and now that we can affect remains our problem.

For the rest, prayer.
My heart goes out to your neighbor and her loss. To all who are losing loved ones right now....
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