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Friday, October 14, 2005

Good Ones For The Four O'Clock Blues

Howard of Oraculations recommended reading NewsBusters.org. It's just as good as he said it was. Try this, for example:
Cam Edwards, a talk-radio host at NRANews.com, drew out CBS Public Eye facilitator Vaughn Ververs on the subject of "60 Minutes" star Mike Wallace appearing at a $250-a-pop fundraiser (and birthday party for political humorist Art Buchwald) for the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Ververs took that question to Wallace and CBS senior vice president for standards Linda Mason. Mason suggested the network was investigating whether Wallace would be allowed to report on gun issues after this appearance. Wallace claimed he had no idea the Buchwald party was an anti-gun fundraiser until a few weeks before the event.
Howard also has a warning about SurfSideKick.

Carl of No Oil For Pacifists claims that I'm nuts. I beg to differ.

Sigmund Carl and Alfred is blogging through either the fog of dental pain or drugs. The Saga Of Sorrow starts here, and continues here. Here SC&A runs into trouble for his errant opinions on flat-chested dental assistants. Then revenge via blog is sweet, and he dwells on it.

Beth of MVRWC wants you to know something about Yemen.

The Anchoress is boldly going off to guest at the CBS Blog. She had to watch television in order to do it. You'll probably sympathize with her reactions to the news:
I flipped through network and cable news shows and was turned off by all of it – by Dan Rather’s uncertain grin, and the dusty-looking unknowns at CNN, and the bubble-lipped mud-wrestling babes at FOX. Televised news seemed either moribund or yappy or designed for the attention span-impaired, so I clicked off the television and clicked on the Internet. In short order, I there began not simply to consume news, but to roll around in it like a capitalist wallowing in a pile of hundred dollar bills, and I didn’t give televised news another thought.
The problem I have with the news is that there's so little information and so much emotion. The Anchoress seems to agree:
But it is as easy to select subjects who tug the heart and dispatch woe as it is to find a cheerful soldier and a waving flag. Too much of either image will descend into rank propaganda, which stops telling the whole story. In an era of deep division, responsible news organizations that still have the public trust might want to aim for the sort of balance which airs both sides and remains detached.
They should try it. They might be quite surprised by how many people turned the tube back on! Was The Anchoress being snarky with the "responsible news organizations that still have the public trust" comment? This is, er, CBS she was watching. See the first item in the post.

Do not miss the weather forecast from Dr. Sanity.

It's the weekend. I'm gonna order a meatlovers deep dish and put "Wizards" on the DVD. Gotta love the 2 legged horses.

I'm in pain- really. The drugs work for a while...

I want my mother. ALMOST.
Can't NG catch a ride on an ice floe headed south? Puppy eyes and all that....
I wish.
Try calling and groaning pitifully.

I'm a sucker for Chief No-Nag.
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