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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hilarious And Just Plain Weird

This is classic:
If Josef Goebbels was correct, and patriotism is indeed "the hairy hausfrau of fascism", then reason dictates that the exact opposite must also be true of democracy. While jingoist displays of national pride edge us ever closer to a totalitarian state, freedom will only be preserved by progressive leaders who can barely conceal their disgust for America, her people, and especially her armed forces....
You deserve a guffaw. Go get it.

Democratic Underground can't figure out the Judy Miller story, but they know one thing - the NY Times explanation sounds odd to say the least. This story just keeps getting stranger and stranger, and the strangeness doesn't come from political ideologies.

Finally, this column by Greg Lukianoff of FIRE is very important. You might think I am being hysterical when I claim that the First Amendment is in danger, but I'm not. Greg covers several recent decisions that limit free speech rights in education severely. For example:
The worst legal decision of the summer was Hosty v. Carter. In Hosty, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a dean who demanded prepublication review of a student newspaper at Governors’ State University in Illinois—because the administration did not like its content—is not liable for her brazen act of censorship. If this were all the decision said, it would still be wrong; legal scholars have long understood that free speech means, at a minimum, that state officials cannot require publications to get state approval before publishing. Then, perhaps unsatisfied with ignoring only one principle of First Amendment law, the court decided that Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier (1988), in which the Supreme Court ruled that a public high school had substantial control over the content of a student newspaper produced as part of a journalism class, also applied to universities.
There's much more. There is a whole crop of judges who don't believe in free speech rights. This is why getting Supreme Court judges who will uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is so very important.

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