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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Iran Steps In It

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred note that the Europeans suddenly woke up:
The recent vile and hate spewed from the mouth of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who declared that 'Israel must be wiped off the map,' may have had unintended consequences.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Thursday he has "never come across a situation of the president of a country saying they want to ... wipe out another country," Blair said at the close of a European Union summit outside London.

"Their attitude towards Israel, their attitude towards terrorism, their attitude on the nuclear weapons issue, it isn't acceptable. ... Can you imagine a state like that with an attitude like that having a nuclear weapon?"
I can. The Nazis had a research program aimed at developing nuclear power while Japan was working on bioweapons. One reason why there is bad blood between Japan and China is that Japan used Chinese as test subjects for their bioweapons program. Fortunately, we won the war against the Axis and nuked Japan, which I don't feel was wrong. It was tragic, but the least tragic of all possible outcomes.

If Israeli has to act preemptively against Iran, Israel will. I will support them for doing so. I hold no illusions that these types of regimes don't mean exactly what they say they mean, because I do remember!

As for religion? My belief is that you act so as to minimize harm. In most cases, that requires non-violent tactics. Unfortunately, there have been, are, and will be regimes headed by people, now and in the past, who believe mass murder is a necessary and appropriate political strategy. Nothing I can do will change that. It is best that they not get the chance to accomplish their objectives.

Instead of the "Europeans suddenly woke up," I would say that the "Europeans temporarily woke up."
Good point!

How about "the Europeans pretended to wake up"?
I expect they're napping already. Remember Churchill grumbling about the Chamberlain government's snail's pace in preparing for war: "Britain's ruling class takes its weekend in the country while Hitler takes his countries in the weekends."
Carl, that's ice cold.

By the way, MOM, turns out we promoted the conference in Iran.

Come on by.
"How about "the Europeans pretended to wake up"?"

That works equally as well.
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