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Saturday, October 15, 2005

MoDo Really Isn't Getting Any, Is She?

That's what went through my mind as I read Fausta of The Bad Hair Blog's post on Maureen Dowd's comparison of George Bush's relationship to Harriet Miers to Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Fausta is stuck on head-shaking and observes:
Pardon my ignorance of "silly", but to have the first female nominee in 12 years compared to a movie star's mistress and a presidential bimbo (but it wasn't Bill's fault, because it was Monica's proximity's fault), and flat-out state she got the job by "catering to his every need", is sexist.
I've got to agree, and I'm posting this because before I said claims that opposition to Miers nomination were "sexist" were ridiculous. Obviously, I wasn't totally right. I don't think that most opposition to Miers is sexist, but something like this obviously is. So, my apologies, and this certainly explains why Laura Bush would be coming out and publicly commenting if this is what is being said in Washington. I'd be indignant if it were my husband too.

How many people read MoDo anyway? This sort of sex-obsessed silliness just doesn't seem worth anyone's time.

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