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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

No Delay In Re-indicting Delay

To make a long story short, last week DeGuerin filed a motion to dismiss the indictment against Delay. The judge was out of the country, so it hasn't been ruled on yet. But I suspect the original indictment will be dismissed, because yesterday at noon a new Travis County was empaneled, and before they left for the day the grand jury indicted Delay for money laundering. See My Way News.

Power Line has the best coverage:
ONE MORE THING: If I understand the news reports correctly, Earle just started scrambling around today, or at best within the last day or two, looking for a new grand jury with no prior knowledge of the DeLay matter. And he already had an indictment for "money laundering" by this afternoon? Unbelievable. If this is really correct, someone in Texas needs to take a hard look at their criminal justice system.

FINALLY, I PROMISE: The reprehensible Ronnie Earle admitted in a press conference on September 28 that he wasn't able to get a "money laundering" indictment out of the grand jury that had been sitting in this matter for goodness knows how many months. Now, in a matter of hours, he has gotten a brand new grand jury to return such an indictment--ex parte, with the grand jury hearing from no one but Earle and, presumably, a witness or two.
I haven't been able to find the new indictment yet, but this would be a state money laundering statute. One would think this would be extremely hard to prosecute successfully, because the contributions cited were all reported. I will have to find Texas' money laundering statute. Anyway, it appears that in Travis County, Texas you can empanel a grand jury and indict a ham sandwich in one day. That's efficient, to be sure.

To some the issue is how they feel against Delay. To me the issue is whether the courts are being misused for what is essentially a political battle. To review the bidding
What an interesting sequence of events. Delay is probably really being accused of conspiracy to commit money laundering. I can't wait to see the actual indictment.

changing charges is done on a regular basis. That is nothing unusual. The case I am working on now, the charges were changed twice by the DOJ.
All puffery- and besides that, do you really think the dems want a war on 'ethiscs,' as it relates to money?

See (insert dem name here) run. Run (name), Run.
The fact that it's Travis county, Ronnie Earle and Tom Delay it could be anything.
Tommy - Texas politics appear to be very interesting!

Dingo - You'd be screaming, I think, if the same type of charges had been leveled against Hillary in conjunction with that case earlier. (I would have been too.)

SC&A - It's weirdness.
I have just posted something on the new charges and possibilities why we are seeing what we are seeing.

As for Hillary - how many investigations have the Clintons gone through? I don't know if DeLay is guilty or not guilty on the current charges. He may be innocent. But you will never convince me that he has not broken the law somewhere along the way.

This kind of reminds me of some weird NY mob boss story. You know he is a crook because everyone else surronding him is a crook and he is the leader, but there is never any direct evidence against him.
Oh, heck. If they really have evidence against him, I'm all for it. Throw the book at him.

I suspect they can't really get him for conspiracy to launder money, though. Not if the reports that those contributions were reported are true. And if those contributions weren't reported, Delay should be up on federal charges like the poor guy whose name I forget who got off.

But filing indictments that can't be brought to trial is iffy. We'll see how this comes out. Earle may go down instead of Delay.
Earle is safe. As long as he isn't in jail he'll be re elected, that's a lot of why he's been able to keep doing this over and over.

He might actually get more votes if he were to get thrown in jail from the see they are out to get me crowd.
I'm not sure. If (and it's a big if) he really was talking about indicting Delay at a Democratic fundraiser he might have an ethical problem.

Think about it.
I don't think there is any doubt that he has an ethical problem, but that problem won't affect his chances of getting re elected DA in Travis county. As a matter of fact I think that it will help him.
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