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Friday, October 14, 2005

A Passing, Grief And Kindness

Kobayashi Maru's brother Ed died surrounded by his family and prayer. Kobayashi Maru writes of the experience of his brother's last few days:
Those sitting vigil learned how to love one another just a little more deeply - to pause before passing judgment, to forgive a little more quickly, to ask and listen just a little more. Even as our nerves frayed and the bags under our eyes grew deeper, the rough edges seemed to rub off.
Hospice is a wonderful program that helped Kobayashi Maru's family endure this great trial. They are always looking for volunteers and for donations. Most hospice programs do not bill the family. Whatever insurance doesn't pay for they absorb. Certainly that's the way our local chapter does it.

The Anchoress donates the proceeds from any books ordered through her Amazon links to the hospice who cared for her brother.

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