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Sunday, October 09, 2005

South Asian Earthquake Relief

I had asked below what would be a good organization to which to donate for the people affected by the earthquake. It was centered around Islamabad, Pakistan. One unconfirmed report this morning quoted a Pakistani official saying that there were 30,000 dead, but it appears to be at least 18,000.

It's cold over there too - and I would think people can't go back inside because of aftershocks. They will need shelter, food and emergency medical care. Jaed recommended Mercy Corps, which she (corrected) said had a good reputation and a good presence. Their website says that they are moving to help:
Mercy Corps is mounting a rapid aid response to the devastating earthquake that leveled cities and villages across Pakistan on October 7th. The death toll is staggering with 18,000 feared dead and at least 45,000 injured. Several Islamabad-based staff are assessing the damage and we need your help to provide critical relief and emergency aid. The earthquake was centered in the Hindu Kush mountains approximately 90 km from the capital Islamabad.
Thank you very much, Jaed! This is exactly what I was looking for and I did give. They have online donations at the link above or you can use this toll-free number 1-888-256-1900. They already have a presence on the ground, so they are likely to be effective. They are also involved in hurricane relief in the states.

What a tragedy.

It does make one be grateful for FEMA and other disaster relief we have, here.

Even our supposed and make believe 'failures' indicate our tremendous capabilities.
Yes, we do have tremendous excess resources, and that is why I am so concerned for the people over there.

It is tragic, especially with winter coming on. The news reports are that some villages have been almost wiped out.
Jaed recommended Mercy Corps, which he said had a good reputation

"She". ;-)

Apparently that region doesn't have many quakes, unlike the Karachi area, which might account for why so many collapses - if you're not in an earthquake zone you generally don't build for earthquakes. I shudder to think what's going to happen to the Midwest, with all its unreinforced brick construction, the next time the New Madrid fault moves.

Yes, I do too.
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