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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Style Of The Day

Sigmund Carl and Alfred posted a really penetrating critique of today's politics inspired by the death of Rosa Parks. As he observes:
Those of you with kind words for Rosa Parks do not realize there could never be another Rosa Parks. She was a non violent, self effacing heroine, who spurned media attention for many years. Nowadays, the likes of Cindy Sheehan would sweep Rosa Parks off out of public consciousness. There are a hundred Rosa Parks out there, today, standing up for and doing the right thing, with dignity and resolve. Are they on your radar screen? Do you know their names? Do you care?
The people (and politicians) of quality do tend to get lost in the yawp and squawp of today's political clamor. It's not a style of politics designed to move the country ahead.

Well she couldn't exist today because there would be too much of a background investigation of her.

She probably talked back to her mother when she was a child or something.

People aren't perfect, but somehow we have gotten to a place where proof of that imperfection is somehow disqualifying.
I am sure we will all be better off when our heroes are androids....

I think she wouldn't have the same impact today because people would not admire her. We want hysterical heroines.
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