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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Such A Man

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred wrote a wonderful post about his grandfather. I urge you to read it. His purpose:
I wanted to write this to remind people that in the end, in the very end, it is only decency that counts.
True. In the post he defines decency by describing his grandfather's actions. SC&A ends by writing that he realized at his grandfather's funeral that his grandfather was a great man. Also true.

He writes that he saw dignity at his grandfather's funeral when others came to do what his grandfather had done for others.

Have we forgotten all this? Have we forgotten that we learn to respect ourselves by learning to respect others? Have we forgotten that human culture is what we make of it? Have we forgotten that human dignity is most of all elevated by our service to others? I hope not.

I agree, MOM, it was an excellent post...the kind I'll keep turning over in my mind for some time to come. I don't know what to think about whether this sort of decency is extinct. I think not, but it does seem that our interest in the people that pass through our lives is significantly diminished. If this grandfather was "daft" 20 years ago, imagine how his actions would be received today by a society increasingly drawn to the idea that we are not united by a common morality and are not our "brothers' keeper".
sorry - meant to sign my comment above.


I know he would be proud of me and the people I call 'friend.'
Anniebird - that's sort of what I was thinking. I am not sure that he would be perceived as anything but eccentric and unreasonable today. I don't think we admire humility these days.

Paris Hilton just does not seem like an equivalent role model.

SC&A, the fact that you can remember bears testimony that you have tried to live up to his lessons. Otherwise you would not be able to bear the memory.
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