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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Three Blasts Hit New Delhi

Turkish Press:
Powerful explosions ripped through crowded market areas in New Delhi moments apart, killing at least 16 people as shoppers in the Indian capital were gearing up for a major Hindu holiday.

More than 60 people were reported injured by the blasts, which hit the popular Paharganj bazaar area popular with locals and Western budget tourists as well as the Gole and Sarojini Nagar markets.
The Press Trust of India said at least 16 people had been killed and more than 60 people were wounded. Local television channels said at least 25 people were dead.

The blasts came a little more than two weeks after the US embassy in New Delhi issued a public warning about possible terrorist attacks in the Indian capital and other cities, including suicide bombings.
Reports from the scene said that many children had been injured. The Hindu festival is Diwali.

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