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Friday, October 14, 2005

US Military Developing Own Vaccine?

Good idea - it's the only way they'll ever have it. Stars And Stripes:
Military health officials are stockpiling a vaccine and developing emergency plans to protect troops and their families from the deadly bird flu virus in the event of a human outbreak.

The U.S. European Command is developing a plan in response to a Pentagon directive, Army Maj. Steve Wollman, a EUCOM spokesman, said Wednesday. The command received the order last month, and emergency plan details have yet to be finalized, he said.
The H5N1 avian flu virus has killed 65 people in four Asian nations since 2003. Dave Daigle, spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said an avian flu vaccine is under development by the National Institute of Health, but has yet to go through human trials.

The Defense Department, which does not have to undergo the same Food and Drug Administration testing system, already has an experimental vaccine and has begun its own testing, according to Marianne Coates, a defense department health official.
Good for them. They are also developing a quarantine plan.

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