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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who's On Base?

Jonah Goldberg at National Review is pushing Maureen Mahoney if the next nominee has to be a woman. It probably does, given the realities in the Senate.

I think the senators aren't going to be happy with ANY pick. Now they know they will get flak from every political position.

Ann Althouse on the subject:
"The President needs a brawl."
So said Fred Barnes on Fox News just now, responding to a question about whether Bush could afford a brawl in Congress right now, which is what will happen if Bush nominates someone openly committed to conservative jurisprudence for the Supreme Court, now that Miers has gone down. The conservatives are claiming a glorious victory right now, and they want the spoils. They want their nominee this time. They've proven -- they will claim, with justification -- that pleasing them is more important than pleasing the Democrats.
Fred Barnes might be right. I think the average individual just doesn't want more decisions like Kelo. They just want a reasonable, non-ideological person who thinks the words in the Constitution mean something.

Take Howard of Oraculations, who has had some experience with the law. Americans have a bias toward freedom and controlling the power of the government, which is supposed to be the purpose of the Constitution. Americans broadly distrust governments unleashed by the law, from city hall right to the Feds. They do so for good reason.

Betsy Newmark nominates Michael McConnell for the next try. Dream on. The Senate will never go for it.

Beth of MVRWC has some interesting links on the subject, including a link to possible nominees at Confirm Them.

Sigmund Carl and Alfred is very disturbed:
The right wing has tasted blood, and they like it. They will attempt to influence the selection of the next Republican candidate. They will probably be successful- and hand the election over to the Democrats because moderates- who are the majority of voters in this country, will shun a candidate chosen because he or she met a litmus test rather than by virtue of merit.

The Democrats, reveling in a self induced bit of moronic euphria, are only too happy to see a Bush policy fail. They do not realize that this kind of political terror will affect them as well. The Michael Moore's and MoveOn.Org's of this world are empowered. Their next litmus test might involve demonizing religion and religious people.
I think most people who have been voting Republican don't want candidates chosen by litmus tests but candidates chosen FOR merit. I am not sure that this is the way to make this happen, though.

"I think the senators aren't going to be happy with ANY pick. Now they know they will get flak from every political position."

That is EXACTLY what I wrote about- the agendistas of all stripes, smell blood in the water.

Miers may or may not have been the best SC nominee, but she should have been allowed a hearing, if for no other reason than she was the presidents choice.
Well - I think in theory she withdrew and wasn't tossed. I think the senators were uneasy about some of the financial things her firm was involved in, etc.
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