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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ah Ha!

Iowahawk explains the ins and outs of the "Open Source Media" franchise, amid gleeful speculations on his new yacht:
Open Source Media is a new multi-aspect business concept in which many of the top superstar and mega-hyper superstars of the internet blogosphere have formed a powerful alliance to create shareholder value, and piss off Ann Althouse.
As Iowahawk explains, this is not about you, the reader, but about his yacht:
What is in it for me, the reader?

Plenty! First, you will benefit from additional information about lifestyle products and services, targeted to important consumer segments like yourself. Second, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that I have vowed a portion of my anticipated insane wealth to finally wreak sweet vengeance on Kyle Sitzmann, that goddamn bastard who pantsed me during 9th grade coed PE class. Third, money-saving coupons.
I laughed all the way through. There is a business-model diagram.

I had some feelers about contributing to this enterprise and was sort of tossing it about in my mind until Simon started censoring his comments and made the comment about responsible blogging. I have also trashed Glenn Reynolds many times so I figured, why? This is a piece of crap that today features a piece about Merkel taking over...are you kidding? OSM is simply the old magazines you pick up in a doctor's office. I posted on it HERE.
Shoot, now you made me laugh. I think it would be a livlier place if you were participating!

Everyone, if you don't click on Howard's link you will miss an extremely candid shot of three women. I suppose it's payback for the bicycle shorts thing.
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