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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Are Book Sales Necessary?

If you haven't heard of MoDo's book "Are Men Necessary?", Tommy of Striving For Average has a nice explanation - complete with stills!

In any case, Drudge is reporting that the sales are, ahem, somewhat disappointing:

You've got to figure that this is hardly going to be a big holiday seller, either. Women certainly aren't going to buy it for their boyfriends or husbands. If they wanted to get rid of their boyfriends or husbands, they just wouldn't buy them a Christmas present. Call me crazy, but I don't think you'll find many men buying this book for their wives or girlfriends either.

So I figure MoDo is already working on the outline for her next book:
Chapter 1: Men, those scum, don't work enough to have disposable income to purchase great literature. Instead of working for a living, they prefer to watch NASCAR or women mud wrestling. Those SCUM!

Chapter 2: Men who do have enough disposable income to purchase great literature are so busy marrying their maids that they don't bother to read and enrich themselves culturally. What ignorant scum of the earth they are.

Chapter 3: How NASCAR-watching no-good men mooch off their hardworking wives so much that the poor women can't even buy a book.

Chapter 4: Why un-liberated women are so afraid of never getting married that they will not be seen reading a book entitled "Are Men Necessary?" in a bar. How this demonstrates their appalling shallowness.

Chapter 5: Why lesbians ignore the problems of their heterosexual sisters. What has become of the sisterhood?

Chapter 6: Why married women should be ashamed of themselves for selling out.

Chapter 7: Why authors who pander to their audience by writing mega-sellers are shallow egomaniacs.

Chapter 8: Is all this Bush's fault, or the Pope's? Can anyone tell the difference? They both have huge ravening egos and specialize in brutalizing women.
Etc. But what will the title be?

The lead in to Dowd's book convinced me she was right.

Rather than waste money on her book, I'm going to buy tickets to the game, beer and headphones, so I don't have to listen to the whine with dinner.
There's got to be a chapter on those red shoes. Maybe just some pictures.

Did Siggy just say he was convinced Dowd was right?

Men are pigs, according to Dowd- and I'm a card carrying man.
He did! He did! HUGE HEADLINES! Stop the presses!

SC&A admits that MoDo is right!!!!! Straight from the beer-swilling, game-watching patriarch's mouth we have the concession. That's how low man are. They don't even care what scum they are!

That can be the next chapter.
Yup. Pretty much sums it up.

Bring me a sandwich and beer, wouldya?
Wouldja like fries with that?

"But what will the title be?"

What a softball!

"Men Are Not Necessary,
(And where's my Pony!)"

Roaring with laughter.

I'll see you and raise you with Beth's sage advice about bicycle shorts.

Gadzooks, woman!

What was that about "drawing a discreet curtain"?

If that were any more "in your face", we'd all be on a first-name basis.

I opened that link from Beth once, I will never do that again.

Don't ever order a new keg for the bar before you finish the last one, it can lead to slightly more beer consumption than what would be considered "normal" in the desire to see none goes to waste.

Not that I know anything about that...
Well Bilgeman, I am afraid we women all have dirty minds and tend to objectify men. Have a keg on me to hide your blush. I hope you did not read the comments.

As for the "in-your-face" aspect, we women did not invent the uniform.

" I hope you did not read the comments."

I couldn't read ANYTHING...I'm just glad I was still wearing my OSHA-approved safety eyewear.

You could poke out an eye with those things.

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