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Monday, November 14, 2005

Because It's Fun

Most of those teenagers are burning cars (and schools, and buses) in France because it's fun.

Seriously. When you are a young male, the idea of running through the streets and causing explosions seems like a wonderful thing. I know perfectly well that my brothers would have done this, if they had had a similar opportunity and if my father hadn't been around (which he was - seriously). I am drawing a curtain of discretion over Chief No-Nag's early life.

It's dark. The sirens wail. The adrenalin flows. The fires roar up. You feel magnificent, powerful, adult and alive. Almost all of those kids aren't out there protesting anything. They are out there having the time of their lives.

Carl, Raskolnikov will explain it to you. It's fun. It may be stupid, true. But it feels great.

Update: And Howard, as in "Young guys just love to fight". Exactly. We really are a wimpy, feminized culture if we think a 15 year-old male needs a reason to do this. What the 15 year-old needs is a reason not to do this, and it doesn't come easy.

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