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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bird Flu In China

China is now admitting that H5N1 antibodies have been found in the brother of the girl who died of mysterious pneumonia. Today they said they have three cases.

However, China has taken extreme measures such as roadblocks walling off provinces, so it seems likely that they think they have a serious problem on their hands.

Boxun is reporting that there have been over 300 fatalities from H5N1 in China. This does not seem that improbable. You can see a translation of the Boxun report (which is not officially confirmed, but does seem credible), here at iflu. This is supposed to be a copy of the official report, and according to it in several areas human-to-human transmission was seen.

Boxun is an unofficial news source that frequently handles leaks, etc. It has been reliable before, but that doesn't mean that the linked account is correct now.

It is, however, not credible that China is now seeing its first human cases ever of bird flu.

Good post. You are right- China's reporting cannot be trusted. That said, they aren't alone.
Well, we really haven't gotten much from Canada yet either. Or the US. Canada did report H5, but they haven't figured out the subtypes. So we can't be too snotty.
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