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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

China Sets Up Border Checks

Hmm. Somewhat reminiscent of SARS, isn't it? They say it's to stop any possible spread of bird flu:
North China's Hebei Province joined efforts with Beijing on Tuesday in launching a move to cut off all the possible spreading channels of the bird flu.

The outbreak of bird flu in central China's Hunan Province and east China's Anhui Province in late October has drawn much attention from the government of Hebei and Beijing.

To prevent and control the spread of the H5N1 virus, the government of the two places agreed to establish a joint checkup and prevention mechanism, carrying out a strict exam along the 10-kilometer border of Hebei and Beijing.

NBC Nightly News reported on Quarantine Stations being set up at border stations and Ports of Entry.

They had been closed for decades.

Coordination, perhaps?
Yes. Did you see Bilgeman's comment about the trucks on the post about Canada?
A shipmate's father is in trucking, he relates that his flatbeds have been reserved for transferring bird carcasses to crematoria.

Looks like the DelMarVa Peninsula is going to be on tough times.

They are getting prepared to cull in the US.
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