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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cold Blasts Of Reality

When I was up north I noticed several groups of Canada geese that had odd-looking white geese with them. I figured they must be domestic geese gone wild, although they didn't look like domestic geese. This morning I got up and saw this odd-looking bird swimming around with the Canada geese. After an hour of hunting, I identified it as a Ross' goose. No way should it be here - this is a northern bird. That made me think that the white geese with the Canadas up north were snow geese. I suspect there's a lot of birds dying up in Canada and Alaska and the survivors are fleeing.Birds do this - they are not dumb.

There's been a lot of argument about the very meager avian flu test results released in Canada. For me, the question is now settled.

Rather than the effect of avian flu, my guess is that it is likely attributable to the push of the jet stream which brought such frigid temps into the North recently.

We often see unusual Northern birds blown in by storm systems.
But not in S. GA. It seems happy, although I think it's a bit lonely. It's eating up a storm.

Apparently a lot of species of birds having been declining in numbers over the last few years. I read one article that mentioned some form of parasite.
There have been changes in the bird population here, too. I know the Nile virus had a lot to do with it. I hardly ever see or hear Blue Jays anymore. Fewer crows, too. Some of it is due to the changes from rural to suburban, I suppose, but whatever the reason it sure is a shame.
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