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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Cotillion: In The Company Of Real Women

I may be late to the Cotillion, but I'm sure glad I got there! Portia Rediscovered is hosting this week, and the lady knows how to throw a party.

If you have spent some time reading MoDo's pages of whining this week, you might find the ladies of the Cotillion a very refreshing change. Try, for example, Zendo Deb's ideas about modern feminism's rejection of personal responsibility at TFS Magnum:
Most of what I find distasteful about the feminist left is that they view the world through the eyes of a victim.
Women as completely unable to deal with the world without the help and protection of the state is their a priori view. Not only is that a ridiculous idea on the surface, but turning over your security to the state means you will have no security. (Take a look at 911 call response times, and consider how long it would take someone to hurt you.)

You may find yourself in a bad situation, but there are always options. You have choices that can influence your situation. You cannot change the past, but you can change the future. You can refuse to be a victim.
All of the selections this week are great. Take some time out and read what real women think.

We are not whiny, self-aggrandizing men-hating perpetual victims. We take responsibility for our own lives and futures. Instead of lying on our fainting couches staring into our own navels, we are interested in the fates of the world's people, even Yemen:
The best decision I ever made was defending this guy as a prisoner of opinion. And he’s still being heavily targeted. They took his paper and now they are pressuring the other papers not to publish his columns. He’s quite a principled and courageous guy. Does anyone remember the first issue after al-Shoura re-opened after six months of being banned: he came out swinging, with some hard reporting. The regime has all the power, but what wimps, what weaklings they are unable to stand words, truths, criticisms, opposition. This is the regime that will arrest your relatives and kidnap your kids if you speak out, if you refuse to bow. Well they better get used to me. I dont bow. I dont think anyone else should have to either. RIP Rosa Parks.
We work on our own problems, and those of others. MoDo doesn't speak for us. We speak for ourselves.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!
Modo is so far behind you, she isn't even in your rear view mirror anymore.
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