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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Cotillion Romps

The Cotillion is up! It's also hosted at Darleen's Place. Click over - you won't be sorry.

Reasoned Audacity's coverage of a study reporting that women are better money managers than men is an absolute must-read. It's a failing of men's testosterone, you see! Somehow the pitiful nerve cells that have survived the poisonous hormone just launch into a frenzy of money-churning and general financial mismanagement. And the best part - if a man is a successful money manager, it's only because he thinks like a woman.

Of course, the logical implication is that we should immediately mandate affirmative action programs for male financial managers, right? But I doubt we'll hear a call for that.

Remember the golden rule of today's society: you may observe and report on male-female differences only if you are reporting that women are better at something. The converse does not hold true. Do not, for example, observe that women, on average, test lower on spatial-ability aptitude exams. The press would applaud Martha Burk as she threw your dismembered body parts on the highway and led NOW in a triumphant march over them. In particular, the NY Times would run front page articles for a month discussing your appalling life and richly-deserved demise.

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