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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dana Milbanks On Sartorial Considerations For The Supreme Court

This is genuinely funny. Betsy Newmark gets snarky about Milbanks, saying his columns should be carried in the Style section of the Washington Post. You can understand her POV with prose like this from Milbanks:
Alito, bespectacled, hair askew, suit rumpled and ill-fitting, walked into Sen. Tim Johnson's office this week to pay a courtesy call on the South Dakota Democrat. Sitting in an armchair in the senator's office, Alito forgot to unbutton his suit jacket, causing his tie to stick out and his jacket to bunch up. The judge's pant leg hiked up as he sat, revealing an untied shoelace.

....Washington is a town of geeks and misfits who, for the most part, suppress their inner dorks much of the time. But Alito wears this status on his sleeve: Leaving the cloistered courtroom, he emerges, blinking, into the sunlight.

This, obviously, is not disqualifying. What better place for a supreme square than the Supreme Court? And President Bush, a frat boy himself, has acquired a taste for the nerdy: His nominee for Federal Reserve Board chairman, Ben Bernanke, is known for wearing tan socks with dark suits.
It's rare that one laughs out loud. Tan socks - and it's all Bush's fault! BLAME BUSH!

That wasn't a newspaper column--it was a note passed between two junior high students.
That's how it strikes me!

How adolescent....
Needless to say, I'll be retiring my plaid now. I spend too much time in DC.
I think it's time to retire the plus fours as well.
Plus fours and plaid reserved for Protestant golfers.
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