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Friday, November 04, 2005

French Rioters Torch Handicapped Woman

Charming, this:
Gang of youths torched more than 500 cars overnight in the worst of eight straight nights of street violence in the Paris region, and police arrested 78 people, officials said on Friday.
The woman was on a bus in the northern suburb of Sevran when youths threw a Molotov cocktail on board late on Wednesday. All the other passengers quickly evacuated, but she was unable to get off.

According to prosecutors, one youth doused the woman with petrol before others threw a flaming rag on the vehicle.
What can one say? She is in the hospital with burns. The bus driver rescued her.

As I have noted, having the ability to walk upright is by no means a measure of equality, moral or otherwise.
Sick, sick, sick.
What's the big deal? Who are you supposed to torch, some football player who might kick your ass? You right wingers will never get it.
Very funny, Howard. But true.
I truly can't wrap my mind around people who think doing stuff like this is acceptable behavior. Do they really feel proud of themselves? Freakin sickos.
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