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Monday, November 21, 2005

Good Monday Morning!

I had to drive north this weekend to see my doctor, and a rough drive it was. For some reason, the Dark Gods of the Interstate Highway system in the north appear to have decided to shut down the highways in order to prepare for the holiday season. Perhaps they view it as their contribution to fuel conservation. 495 in DC was down to one lane. The horror!

But blogging will resume in this new location, as time permits. So far I am committed to cook several Thanksgiving dinnners. One is for some elderly neighbors of my mother up here. They have been having a very tough time of it. To make things worse, my place of employment gave me a cell phone. I tried to sneak out without it, but they caught me. I predict I will be spending considerable time on that small nefarious device.

While I was driving up, I listened to some radio coverage of a NASCAR event in Homestead. It turns out the cars did not run into each other but helicopters did. How surreal.

I listen to the radio a lot when I am driving. More on that later. For now, I'm off to experience medical treatment.

Stay healthy Mama, we like your blog.
Mover Mike
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