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Monday, November 07, 2005

Pedro On Political Philosophy

There is a superb post up at Pedro The Quietist's regarding the similarities between Nazi and Communist political thought. To excerpt it does not do it justice, so please read the entire post. Just to whet your whistle:
We must consider Hitler's bizarre decision to attack Russia and break the Nazi-Communist pact as one of the ultimate turning points in modern history. Nazis and Communists are natural allies, both having a deep disgust with popular rule. Attempts have been made by deluded and agenda-driven historians to depict Nazism as a sort of big-business corporatism run amok, but the fact remains that National Socialism is exactly that: socialism defined by a nationalist/racist ideology of purity.
Communism merely replaces "race" with "class." But its methods, its structure, its legal reasoning -- all of them are identical to Nazism. By making one thing -- race or class -- more important than all other philosophical or moral considerations, anything is justified in the name of adherence to racial/class principles, as defined by those who appoint themselves spokesman for a particular race or class.
Leftism in its hardcore ideological manifestation has no higher allegiances to such superstitious and medieval matters as "God," or "nature," or "duty." Leftism substitutes political goals for what used to be religious ones; just as during the Crusades one could commit horrible acts of violence in the name of God, so too one can do the same today in the name of "revolution," whether Nazi or Communist.
Pedro is astutely correct. Both Communism and Nazi ideology enshrine the idea of life and society as a perpetual and necessary war between competing segments of humanity. Consider the contrast between this worldview and the humanist/Christian/Buddhist vision of life as a perpetual war with oneself to comply with moral guidelines for living that are based on a recognition of the welfare and rights of others.

Humanism has been high jacked by communistic thought, but its origins lie in the prior worldview. This is why those who tend toward the right side of the political spectrum tend not to comprehend extreme leftists. Leftists believe that you are justified by the political camp to which you belong, whereas most of American society believes in the idea that you are justified by your own behavior.

By the way, Pedro provides a hilarious example of a person confronting their own behavior here. The reality is that most people absorb leftist behavior by osmosis without comprehending the underlying rationale.

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