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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Project Valour-IT, Day 1

The Marine team:
Goal: The goal of the Project Valour-IT fundraiser is to raise enough money for 30 new laptops with voice activated software for our wounded soldiers with hand and/or arm injuries. Each laptop costs approximately $685 plus shipping, so the fundraiser’s total goal is to raise $21,000.
That's not a lot, and we should be able to do it by November 11th. Make PayPal donations here, or mail contributions to:
Soldiers Angels
Valour-IT Fund Marine Team
1792 East Washington Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91104
These donations are tax deductible and some employers might match your funds. Hit 'em up. I'm going to strike like a shark at work tomorrow using my best DI stare, which sends people screaming into the bushes. I checked my bank account this morning and nearly went into shock, because I hadn't realized how much money I had been giving what with all these catastrophes, but I'm going to cough up again for this cause.

Why is this so important? Because these soldiers are injured so badly that, at least temporarily, they can't use a regular computer. These computers allow them to surf the web, email their families, keep in touch with their friends in the field and basically have an element of independence. It also can be a huge factor in overcoming boredom and/or depression and starting to rehabilitate themselves.

It's a few weeks before Thanksgiving. These men (and possibly women) are in a hospital, in pain, wondering what the future holds for them, often away from their very worried families and separated from their friends in their units. They got there serving our country's interests instead of their own. We owe them some consideration.

I'm going to humiliate myself publicly for this cause. I have a neurological disease. I had to learn to see, tell my right from my left, read and write again. My computers were a very important part of this process. I am still so dependent on them that I have two loaded with identical software. If one crashes, I literally can't wait a week or two to get it fixed.

One of the programs I used to learn to see and act on what I did see was the shareware version of a program from Soleau Software called Oilcap Pro. I still use this program every day to make sure that I haven't suddenly developed a problem that would make it unsafe for me to drive. I know what a difference one of these computers could make to one of these soldiers. Believe me, anything I can do a Marine can do better. Please. Please. If you can, please give.

Good stuff. TY.
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