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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Rioting In Paris

Astute Blogger has been following the story of the largely Muslim riots in Paris. It's not as if other European countries haven't seen the same kind of unrest, either.

As for the root causes, I think Sigmund, Carl and Alfred did an excellent job of explaining:
There are Muslims that came to these shores with nothing, and within a few years and with a lot of hard work, have found economic and personal success. Certainly, the Amish, as noted by Ymarsaker, keep themselves apart by choice as he says, but they too, are clearly part of the American landscape. They too, can be counted as a community that has enjoyed success in America.

American minorities are integrated into the social fabric of the country because there is an interdependence with society at large. That interdependence starts with economic freedom.

There is an economic truth that has yet to be dispelled. The fewer barriers to entry there are to business, the more successful the entrepreneur and community will be.
America does make each of us superior- not because we are better than anyone else, but rather, because we each have the opportunity to succeed, with no exception. That is the American promise. It may not be easy, and there may be discrimination at times, but no matter, because for every door that is closed, there are others that are opened.
It's a sad truth that Europe's quasi-socialism has undercut its ability to assimilate newcomers. That is feeding prejudice in society against them, and feeding their anger. The riots in France and elsewhere are very similar to our race riots in the 60's, and they are engendered by the same cause.

UPDATE: See Oraculations on the subject.

Hey, Maxed, I posted a lot about this a year or so ago; cutting to the chase: right after the war France tried to ban Cocoa Cola as a threat to French wine; the Marshall Plan passed there by three votes; they made many statements that tried to exclude anything American. The result of all this stuff is that by 1955 they had built a system of guaranteed employment---which meant the existing employees and their families had jobs forever and nobody else could crack in. Further, the system has made it next to impossible to fire anyone so business will not hire anyone other than family members or close friends. This means that Muslims are completely frozen out of the system. Not an excuse for intifada Francise because they can leave if they want to, but you are looking at a huge population with no hope for success in France.
M-O-M, are you crazy? These riots have nothing to do with the welfare state and are obviously a response to French involvement in the illegal American-led invasion and occupation of Iraq, as well as its unwavering support of Israel.

Just like the London bombings...
Howard - yup. The newcomers, as you say, are frozen out. It's because you write about stuff like that that you've got a million hits!

Pedro, excuuuuuse me. How could I have missed that? It all makes sense now - I've been listening to AirHead America!
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