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Thursday, November 17, 2005

This Worries Me

I've been pondering this Jakarta Post article for a couple of days. According to it, multiple nurses have come down with flu-like symptoms after treating Indonesian bird flu patients:
The nurse from the Usada Insani Hospital in Tangerang was admitted to Sulianti Saroso Hospital for infectious diseases earlier this month. She and 10 others had been assigned to treat Ina Sholati, a bird flu patient, from the time she was admitted to the hospital until her death on Oct. 28.

Meanwhile, several nurses and doctors from a hospital in Central Jakarta raised concern for their own safety after treating a possible bird flu patient who died on Saturday.

"Some of the nurses who treated the patient had high fever and chills immediately after the patient was transferred to Sulianti Saroso Hospital on Friday," a nurse said.
"When we developed symptoms, we were all given Tamiflu, but later on the hospital wanted us to pay for it. Only after we protested and demanded free medicine did the hospital give us the medicine for free," another nurse told the Post.
I remember a story about a Vietnamese doctor who apparently contracted bird flu from a patient. However, this appears to be multiple incidents, and combined with the rest of the Indonesian reports, I think some worry is reasonable. The difference between Sulianti Saroso and the other hospital is that in the second hospital the nurses would not have had all the protective equipment. This may explain why Indonesia announced it was doubling the number of hospitals designated to care for bird flu victims.

Read the whole article. The Indonesian authorities don't want to provide Tamiflu unless the patient is confirmed. Since most patients are being confirmed after they are dead, such a procedure would hardly help the doctors and nurses who had treated the patient.

In the meantime, China has resurrected its temperature-screening machines:
In a related development, the country's quarantine authorities issued an urgent circular ordering inspectors at ports of entry and exit to step up efforts to prevent human infection of bird flu.

The circular said temperature- screening machines must be used at border crossings and passengers must fill out health-declaration cards.
No matter what WHO says about no human-to-human H5N1, several Asian countries seem to believe that it is either happening or on the verge of happening.

Plastic sheets and duct tape.
it's worse than you thionk o or should I say LATER THAN YIU THINK:


it appears that it is human2human in china.
Well, I covered the Boxun report earlier. I tend to believe Boxun, but the report is unconfirmed.

I believe the Chinese suspect it may be H2H, but do not know yet. They've begun to act as if they believe it is.
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