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Monday, November 14, 2005

What MoDo Doesn't Know

For example, suppose you should hear water running down inside your wall. See, if you didn't have a man around, you'd have to do something about that.

But because you do have a man around, you just toss a towel on the floor to soak up the puddle. Then you amble off and tell him about the new and interesting thing your house is doing. Then you go back to typing on the computer, occasionally looking up with a concerned and sympathetic expression when the swearing gets violent.

Yes, Maureen, Men Are Necessary. Men Are Wonderful!

Oh, you are blessed with one of those Husbands, too? How wonderful!

Of course, to show him how much his efforts are appreciated, I *do* offer to bring him beer, wine, or the scotch -and-soda of his choice at frequent intervals...



-- R'cat
CatHouse Chat
He quit drinking.

I stare in admiration and awe, which works wonders. (And it's sincere.)
MOM and romeocat:

Bringing hooch and worshipful eye-batting are swell,

But if you REALLY want to move the project along, an offer of oral sex should inspire yer little "hard-hat" into working "overtime".

(I used to put that in the company "Suggestion Box", before I was married, but they NEVER implemented that Productivity Enhancement.)

Bilgeman - we will draw a discreet curtain over such motivational suggestions, but I must say that a man usually walks a bit taller, smiles a lot more and achieves more when he is convinced that his wife admires him in every possible way.

The company suggestion box must have been an interesting place when you were still a swinging single.
I am starting to see this whole dichotomy between men and women. My fiancé is undoubtedly much smarter than I am. She even did her PhD in micro-ecology in 4 years instead of 7.

Her kitchen faucet was acting funny, splitting the stream and spraying all over the wall. When I noticed this (it had been going on for some time) I just unscrewed the head and took out the loose washer that was causing the problem. 25-30 second job, tops. She looked at me like I had just changed wine into water.

It still befuddles me.
Dingo - I'm actually pretty good at plumbing. Truthfully, I do more of it than Chief No-Nag. But that doesn't mean I wanted to deal with the inside-the-wall waterfall - a new architectural feature of which I don't approve.

Not everyone is good at plumbing, though. I'm sure your fiance would still love you if you weren't.

Still, flowers are nice, but fixing a leaking toilet is the type of heroic deed that a woman remembers with great fondness. I guess what I was really thinking was that it is just so nice to have someone around to pick up when I am overwhelmed. Yesterday I was.

Hubs gets my admiration for fixing things--like a broken washing machine--or taking care of gross things--like the "presents" the cat brings in and hides under the bed.

OTOH, I get to talk to the teachers. We all have our strengths.
Washing machines are way, way out of my league. I won't even open them up. I just tactfully stop doing laundry, and la la! A working washing machine!

"The company suggestion box must have been an interesting place when you were still a swinging single."

I guess so...I did get pretty good at rowing an open boat across vast ocean distances.

Funny thing is, no matter how loudly I yelled, they NEVER turned the ship around.

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