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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Who Is Speaking Here?

Who is writing this?
Last week's suicide attacks against innocent civilians in Amman shocked us all. It is unclear what message the suicide bombers were conveying and there is no logical cause justifying such insane acts.
Muslims and Arabs should not only have better condemned the terrorist acts carried out everywhere around the world, but also should move to isolate the destructive, invented beliefs promoted by a group of insane people and carried out in the name of defending Islam.
Serious action should include preparing plans to cripple these people and their freedom of movement, to impede their receiving shelter, to draw plans to cut them off from their financial sources and to deny them the capabilities to recruit people.
No, it's not George Bush!

They need lots and lots more of these writers
We are actually starting to see more columns like this which is a good sign. Let's see if this some sort of trend forming.
"As a Palestinian, I also accuse such bombers of damaging our cause and destroying our struggle for freedom. They can't be allowed to take our cause as an excuse for their evil and insane beliefs. No matter where they are acting - in Baghdad or New York, in Istanbul or Paris, in Madrid or Amman, in Cairo or London, in Beirut or Jerusalem -their acts only do us harm; especially at a time when we Palestinians are searching for international support to bring to life to a Palestinian state."

Right. Suicide bombers make us look bad and damamge the cause.
Siggy - I am confused. Are you saying that the "cause" of trying to establish an independent Palestinian state without using violence is not a noble cause? Or; Are you saying that Israel should be able to permanently annex the west bank?
Well Dingo, there's definitely an irony in a Palestinian rebuking suicide bombers. But not this particular Palestinian. They are not ideologically monolithic any more than we are.

It's remarkable that the criticism of the more violent Palestinian groups from within the Arab world is now harsher than in the European press. I think we are seeing the dawn of a new political age in the ME. I hope it sticks.
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