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Thursday, December 29, 2005


I hope you are all enjoying yourselves!

I'm still trying to beat this virus, but I had to work this week. So it's work, home, and bed. That strategy seems to be good medicine - I'm beginning to feel almost intelligent.

Back soon! In the meantime, I laughed until I got breathless over The Anchoress' 2006 predictions. Here's one:
John Kerry will make all sorts of noises about running again for the WH, but at the last possible moment, he will declare himself uninterested due to his deep committment to the people of Massachusetts. A quick search through his Beacon Hill garbage will reveal a bloody horse’s head.
And SC&A get serious:
What is about about religion that scares so many people? The vast majority of people who express their faith, do so quietly and in a community of like minded believers. They, like most Americans, hold the concept of 'live and let live,' dear. Most Americans do impose their belief on others nor do they support those who do.

Nevertheless, there seems to be a deliberate attempt to lump all believers together, regardless of their affiliation. We talk about the 'moderate' right, or the 'moderate' left, but when we talk about religious people the word 'moderate' is never spoken or implied. Religious people, it is assumed, are, well, religious. Enough said.
There is a contingent that appears to equate belief in God with evil.

Welcome back.
I'm commenting here but this is actually about your PP post a few down. That comment thread ended up with so much spam that I am moving up to this arena - hope you don't mind!
I deal with many of the kids that PP has failed - I do prenatal care and births from a community health center attached to a local hospital. I also teach OB residents.
I love to point out to the residents (and occasionally, where it seems appropriate to the patients) that if our airplanes had a crash rate anywhere near the surprise pregnancy rate of most contraceptives, that we would not be willing to fly except in a dire emergency.
I also refuse to call the surprise pregnancy rate (for contraceptives) a 'failure rate'. I point out to them that as far as the body is concerned, getting pregnant from having sex isn't a failure, it's a success.
I may not change many minds, but at least I can momentarily shake them up and hopefully plant a seed of doubt about the value of their quasi-religious contraceptive mentality.
Sorry these sentences are so long. I probably need an editor.
I feel for you. Unfortunately I have had to spend a lot of time in medical offices, and real tragedies are playing out. 13 and 14 year old kids are showing up with multiple STD's from oral sex, for instance. It is not prudish to ask that kids should be taught the real risk factors for various types of sexual behaviors. Most people are rational, and will modify their behavior if they have good information.
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