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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Day Late, A Dollar Short

I have been unbelievably busy. A fuse burned out in my car, and the hassle finding new ones and replacing it was ridiculous. Not to mention year-end, which in my business is grim. I even missed the Cotillion, which was especially good this week. I thought Beth's post at MVRWC was particularly good - it embodies her trademark common sense. I live in GA, and it's not a big issue here either.

But I am surviving regardless of car hassles, a huge workload and medical treatment. My mother sent one of those boxes of sausage and cheese. Chief No-Nag picked it up today, and when I arrived home this evening I was treated to an all-out, full blast four act tragedy which should have been entitled "Sausage in Refrigerator; Starving And Freezing Bulldog Cruelly Locked Outside Refrigerator".

The eyes! The staggering - the mournful looks - the deep sighs. Finally there was a fainting collapse on the floor. She was too weak from sausage-deprivation to lift her head. It was all that she could to do roll her eyes dolefully. Now, if you go into the kitchen she comes to life again and arrives with a heaving bosom and agonized,beseeching eyes trained first on the refrigerator door and then on your face.

I'm going to have fun with this sausage. The poor dog has been desperately dieting to get ready for the holidays. She loves attractively wrapped Christmas packages with delicious things to eat in them, and you can leave them under the tree and she doesn't disturb them. She just goes over and asks for something out of one of them. I think she likes both the mooching and the anticipation.

She really does diet all by herself. She skips dinner and exercises. However I think her self-discipline was shattered by the scent of sausage and that she thinks the time for recognition of her extreme self-discipline has arrived.

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