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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Enough Of This Nonsense

So, I read that the 9-11 Commission issued its final report, which was highly critical of the government's efforts to strengthen security against terrorism. I cannot take this seriously unless the 9-11 Commission is prepared to take the Able Danger reports seriously, and I think the 9-11 Commission members should be held to account for ignoring it.

The essence of the Able Danger contention is that the federal government had a trial project going which managed to identify some of the terrorists who did carry out the 9-11 attacks well beforehand. This program was disbanded due to distress about the fact that it identified several politicians as being engaged in suspect activities. It, or a similar program, has never been funded yet in Congress. Multiple people have come forward to support this story, and the 9-11 Commission ignored the testimony of some of them.

How can anyone regard the 9-11 Commission members as credible at this point? The essence of a program aimed at addressing domestic terrorism is identifying and monitoring those who may be planning such attacks, and it is clear that the 9-11 Commission has aided in producing a fraudulent report. Every member of the commission must since have read the statements by those who have come forward regarding the findings of the Able Danger project. The commission members are all either extremely stupid or have their own agenda.

I've had it. It's time to clean house in Washington. And watch what will happen in the press. They will leap upon the criticisms in this final report and ignore the main issue. One can not fight terrorism with a purely defensive strategy. An offensive strategy appears to have been developed, and then was dumped. All the rest of this is window-dressing and a shell game.

I have major civil liberty concerns about a program like Able Danger, but I have even more concern about ignoring the real problem of terrorism and realistic ways to address it. The American people - who are concerned about our open borders - are more attuned to reality than these talking heads in Washington.

Mama, I am Unfamiliar with: "This program was disbanded due to distress about the fact that it identified several politicians as being engaged in suspect activities."
Can you elaborate?
You are exactly right about how the media will treat this report!
Condoleeza Rice and the Secretary of Defense were two of the publicized ones. I'll have to look up the posts and my notes.

It was basically a data mining programm, so it would flag people like that as well.
You are right- fighting terror cannot be purely defensive. Any way you cut it, we have to take the fight to them.

We cannot allow them to prepare their terror, unimpeded.
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