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Friday, December 02, 2005

Juxtaposed, They Tell A Tale

QandO is a very good libertarian blog. These two recent QandO posts are especially interesting when read together. First, the UN has decided to take up the terrible violations of economic human rights in the US (we refuse to become a socialist country). QandO writes:
It always heartens me to see stories like this. It makes it that much easier to continue to make the point that the UN has become absolutely useless:
"Despite enormous wealth and various federal and social welfare schemes at work, the United States is failing to help millions of its people trying to get out of poverty, according to an independent United Nations rights expert.

"Resource constraints have limited the reach of the assistance programs and social discrimination has aggravated the problems in many situations resulting in poverty clearly seen as a violation of human rights," Dr. Arjun Sengupta declared after visiting the United States last month."
And then there is the agricultural labor problem. QandO writes:
Farmers are complaining they can't get anyone to pick their crops in CA and AZ:
California and Arizona farmers - producers of half the nation's citrus and 90 percent of its vegetables and nuts - are struggling with an acute labor shortage. The situation, worsened by crackdowns on illegal immigration since 9/11, also extends to other states and is no longer just a matter of possible price increases on lettuce, oranges, or almonds, farmers say. Rather, it is a turning point in the nation's ability to produce its own food - and possibly the loss of major parts of its agriculture industry.
Vessey says he offered $8.50 an hour but that some workers choosing to harvest "per carton" can average up to $12 per hour. But when he went recently to Imperial County's welfare and economic development department seeking 300 workers for the next day, only one showed up to his fields and left after half a day.
Here in GA most ag workers are also paid over $8.00 an hour. But still these workers are going to construction crews in the hurricane areas.

So - we have people desperately trying to get into the USA to work, people refusing to work for $8.00-$10.00 an hour and a human-rights problem of poverty about which the UN is just agonizing. Their pain is really causing them sleepless nights! Amazing how they don't agonize over Mexico or India. Let's see - what was that "United Nations rights expert" named again? Dr Arjun Sengupta? I wonder why he doesn't bother to campaign about the thousands of children dying in Uttar Pradesh, India of preventable disease (JE) just because they don't have a vaccination program.

This would be laughable if it weren't so incredibly tragic.

Pity the UN doesn't realize there should be a few countries ahead of us on the list to worry about? Oy.
It must be a debating and posturing club even more corrupt than our own Congress.

It's such a pity. In the past various UN organizations have done a lot of good. It seems as if the focus on actually doing something positive has waned as the organization has become dominated by political interests.
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