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Monday, December 05, 2005

More Great Blogging Stuff

Pedro the Quietist joins the Second Amendment fray, writing quite eloquently about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He looks at the penumbras and enamations used to support the the Constitutional "right of privacy" and thus abortion, and contrasts that with the arguments used to try to explain away the Second:
Again, my problem is not with ideology. It's possible to be perfectly consistent and believe that abortion should be legal and guns should not. But it's not constitutional, which is something completely different. And if that bothers you, have you ever heard of a "constitutional amendment?"
PS: I don't own any guns. And I don't own a BMW either. Both of these kill people. Regardless, I strongly oppose any attempt by you to tell me I can't ever own either of them because somebody else in another place at another time used one of them recklessly.
Carl at No Oil For Pacifists wrote up a truly comprehensive summary of the white phosporus issue. It's a public service not to be missed. I am only going to add that you would have to be a fool to believe that white phosporus was indiscriminately and widely used in Fallujah, because our military was fighting street by street and house to house. I agree with Scott Burgess too:
...buying the lies and spinning the evidence is one facet of "the Holy Grail of a certain kind of antiwar activist: to establish a moral equivalence between the US and Saddam Hussein."
Words do not make it so.

Thanks for the link and the love!
It was a magnum opus, Carl.
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