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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mover Mike On Katrina Fund Flim-Flam

Courtesy of Senator Cochran, part of the funds allocated for Katrina relief are to be used to pay for a museum celebrating the Army Corps of Engineers.

I read it at
Mover Mike's.


"...a museum celebrating the Army Corps of Engineers."

Hey, maybe they can build it in front of the Mardi Gras Fountain:


Which was renovated with funds from the Orleans Parish Levee Board.

It'll be SWELL!

I envision a theme park...filled with self-erected monuments to the corruption and mismanagement of city, state and federal governments in the face of entirely predictable and long-foreseen threats to their polities.

(Although we'll have to let SeaWorld run the place, since odds are that the joint will be underwater...bring your snorkel, kids...and mind them 'gators!).

Allez le bon temps roullez!

It just about makes you want to cry when you consider the incredible devastation on the Gulf coast and the huge losses that people have suffered. We are talking about people's lives, but it sure seems as if no one is taking that seriously at all. Why worry about a few bankrupt or drowned Cajuns when you can build a nice museum?

If this thing is ever built it won't be standing long.
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