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Monday, January 09, 2006

Alito Central At Townhall.com

For those interested in the Alito nomination, Townhall.com has an Alito Central roundup. It looks like it would be interesting regardless of your position on the nomination. Exactly what are the decisions in which Alito has taken the stance that the President should be king? I keep looking for details but I don't have much time, and so far I mainly get editorials with no specific references.

The most specific thing I have found is this WP article regarding the independent counsel issue, but I have seen both Dems and Reps pontificating that it is a bad law. Then they add this:
Alito also praised former solicitor general Charles Fried for winning "a great separation of powers victory" in a 1986 case that struck down a central provision of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings
Deficit Reduction Act.

The balanced-budget legislation had called for a comptroller general, whom Congress had the power to remove from office, to trigger automatic spending cuts in the event that certain deficit reduction goals were not achieved. But the Supreme Court struck down that provision as one
that unconstitutionally encroached on the president's powers.
Okay, but in this Alito is obviously in the mainstream, agreeing with the 7-member majority of the Supreme Court, including Justices Marshall, Brennan and Stevens. This hardly seems grounds for arguing that Alito has Nazi leanings!

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