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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bedbugs Of The World, Unite!

These are the best of the best bedbugs in Howard Dean's Dummitude brand political mattress. Yeeeeees. We are the freedom-with-responsibility-loving blood-sucking vampires of independent thinking he so fears.... May he never stop scratching.

Dr. Sanity on Hillarious Hillary. Does this woman expect to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate? Even DU does better than this!

Villainous Company defines Dummitude with cutting precision:

The real enemy, you see, was never Osama bin Laden. It wasn't radical Islamism, or terrorism, which all right-thinking people know is the only response available to impoverished, poorly-educated young Arab men who rightly resent U.S. meddling in their little corner of the world. That this theory is patently false does not matter. It is so comforting, you see. It takes a complex problem requiring risky action and makes it simple. If we just retreat and place our heads firmly in the sand, the sun will shine once more.

It's long and it's great.


Our rights were ours and we didn’t need a governing faction to say otherwise. To control us with their waving hands full of dollars. It’s sick. They took them away and now they expect us to buy them back with our souls.
But it’s just the way of the modern world. A world created by someone else, not me. But I bow my head to it and concede that there are those who think, that I don’t even own myself. There are those who feel, that I must be harnessed. There are those who believe that I should be someone different. That I should be more like them. And some of us have fallen into that snare.
They call on us to follow the spirit of Riel, but only in their vision thats been tainted by the feel good promises of modern liberalism. They don’t know what freedom means anymore, and then they try and preach, and tell me why I should listen to them.

Thieves and liars is all granted paternalism ever provides. I want different. I want freedom. And these weak and sickly deer can’t convince me to take up their disease.

If I didn't have the utterly magnificent Chief No-Nag I'd crawl over on my belly and ask this man to marry me.

Jimmie of The Sundries Shack writes about the plantation speech:

One thing I’ve yet to hear in all the discussion about Senator Clinton’s “plantation” speech is that it was a partisan political speech made in a church.

Where, I wonder, are the usual “separation of church and state” folks that I know full well would come screaming out of the woodwork had a Republican given a controversial speech fron a church pulpit. Where is the wailing that we’re rocketing toward theocracy? Where are the articles lecturing us about how the Founders got a restraining order against religion so that it has to stay 500 feet away? Where, oh where, is the ACLU?

Unfortunately some jerks in CA filed a complaint with the IRS about a church that explicitly backed liberal policies and politicians. I maintain that politics is about tough choices and often tough moral choices, and that church members have as much right to take part in that debate as anyone. Slavery was debated in the pulpits, the death penalty is debated in the pulpits, voting rights for women and minorities were debated in the pulpits. The First Amendment was meant enshrine freedom of conscience, religion and speech, not destroy it. Jimmie's point stands - the hypocrisy of those bleating about theocracy is glaring.

Carl of No Oil For Pacifists on the Ginsburg Differential:

As a reminder, only three Republicans opposed elevating the ACLU's former General Counsel to the Supreme Court in 1993. The "Ginsburg Differential" -- the number of dissenters to SCOTUS nominees minus three -- represents an objective evaluation of each political party's neutrality and respect for the rule of law.

The Roberts vote was bad enough. Last September, the Dems' Ginsburg Differential was an appalling +19. Next week will be worse. Oh, like Breyer (GD = 6) and Thomas (GD = 45), Alito's gonna get confirmed--but with scant Democrat support.

Remember this in November. And don't let liberals pretend at principles when it's actually Constitutional contempt in service of a hoped-for Democrat dictatorship.

Thwap. Crunch. Boom. Bang.

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