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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Breaking News

On behalf of Canada, DU has suspended its ban on religously insane appeals to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Sad thing is, reading the comments it became apparent that most of these DU folk didn't realize this was a photoshop job; that the head didn't fit the 1940s movie poster body. Could they be that...oh, Really? That explains a lot.
Very, very possible.
MM, I'm not sure I should thank you for this link. I TRY (VERY HARD) to maintain a vision of a civilized northern neighbor. This link re affirms all my nightmares.

Why can't we have Australia (who has problems admittedly) as our common border??

DIRECTv once offered CBC. Sometimes very refined, othertimes the paranoid Cowboy stuff. It's as if many CANADIANS live in an alternate universe.

I suppose we could trade secular New England for Alberta and be happy. (I'd be happy without Boston, Ellen Goodman, and Teddy!)
Maybe it'd solve our oil problems!

And Canadians go back to living in fantasy land until that near time when AQaeda came to collect.
jng, I think we all must stare down our nightmares.

Anyway, look at the humorous side. I still double over whenever I think of Parrish stomping on the Bush doll on the TV.
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