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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Building Your House Upon Sand

Betsy Newmark takes down Kennedy's showboating about the CAP papers and a mythical subpoena in detail, with references (media has already been through them and found nothing), and closes with this zinger:
Surely, the New York Times would have trumpeted Alito's activities in CAP if they had found out anything. And surely Senator Kennedy's aides know all this. But that didn't stop Kennedy making a donkey of himself demanding the subpoena. And since when does a Senator have to have a subpoena for something residing in the Library of Congress? IT was all showboating and it's backfired big time for the Democrats.
"Full of sound and fury and signifying nothing." Ted's career is coming to a sad ending. Maybe this is the same ilk of opposition researchers that pretended to be Michael Steele in order to get his credit report? Or perhaps Democratic staffers truly do believe that the average American is stupid. Maybe they've said it so often and heard it said so often that they believe it. Maybe they really do have utter contempt for the voting population of the US. What else could explain Durbin's made-up history, Biden's extraordinarily odd monologues and Kennedy's behavior?

Poor Senator Leahy. Most of the media prefers to publicize the ranting and baseless allegations of the Biden/Durbin/Kennedy crew than the substantive questioning of Senator Leahy. As SC&A points out, it's as if these people had conspired to look ridiculous while undercutting and overshadowing the serious questions which the opposition should rightly be investigating.

oh, come on... link the Republicans are acting any better. I loved Cornyn's "liberals hate America" opening statement. Cobruns were pretty fun too.

Right or left, there hasn't been a good questioning period yet.
I disagree. I read quite a bit of Leahy's and I think he has done pretty well. I haven't been through all the transcripts yet, and I'm sure there are a few screamers from the R's. The performance last time was pretty bad by the majority of both camps.

But Dingo, the fact remains that the Dems here ought to be pressing their real concerns. And the Dems truly are, for the most part, making themselves look like idiots.

I think they have a right to say "no" on the basis that they don't think Alito will reaffirm Casey. However, if they want to vote on that basis they should do so (they might get a lot of credit for it), rather than acting like fools cavorting in front of the camera.

I think each senator has an individual responsibility to scrutinize the candidate and address the issues of concern, and that they ought to do so. The "advice & consent" clause gives them a lot of very legitimate scope. As a party, the Democrats ought to be interested in making their case for a no vote if that's what they feel is necessary. What we are seeing is not impressive and it does reinforce the impression that the Democrats are not responsible as a group.
I *completely* agree with you that they are making fools of themselves. I am not defending them at all. I am just pointing out that the Repubs are making fools of themsleves aslo.

I have listened to the hearings while at work. It is a boob fest from both ends of the spectrum. Cornyn and Coburn are just jackasses.
Actually, a lot of Kennedy's behavior can be explained by end-stage "alcoholic logic".
I think Kennedy sobered up? I think he's just lazy.

Anyway, Kennedy (to me) came off slightly better than Biden and Durbin, although he was an idiot to push that facade about a subpoena for CAP papers that are sitting in the Library of Congress.

I wish they wouldn't act like dingbats. What's wrong with Biden? He seems to have some sort of strange emotional thing going on. First he sucks up to the nominee and then he jumps at him - and then there was the gratuitous grandstanding about Princeton-hostility and his own children, with the revelation that he said quite the opposite at a commencement speech there recently. This is totally self-inflicted humiliation, but it is also humiliation for the US.

The Senate is an important institution. The senators should act like it is.
To Biden's defense...

Princeton does suck.

What? I am just saying...
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