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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Doctors Knew Haleigh Might Survive

See this earlier MSNBC article regarding the decision to remove Haleigh Poutre's ventilator and feeding tube. The doctors were split on whether her feeding tube should be removed:
Virginia Peel, a lawyer for DSS, which has legal custody of the girl, said Haleigh’s doctors have agreed she will not come out of her vegetative state.

“This is not about the right to life,” Peel said. “This is about the circumstance under which this person is allowed to die.”

Both of Haleigh’s doctors agree she should be removed from the ventilator, but they are split over whether her feeding tube should be disconnected.

They have said that with her feeding tube alone, Haleigh could live as long as two months.

Without any life support assistance, she would die much sooner, the doctors said.

Egan said Strickland should be allowed to have another doctor examine the girl, but Peel said that isn’t necessary.

“When you have consistent medical opinions, why do you have to find a doctor who might — who might — challenge that,” she said.
So they knew when they got the ruling that she would probably continue to breathe on her own. And they were talking to the birth mother telling her that what she thought she saw didn't mean anything. This is all about money. The Massachusetts Supreme Court justices would have heard the conflicting opinions from the doctors, but they still granted permission to remove the feeding tube. This kid's life is hanging by a thread whether she is emerging from a vegetative state or not. If she is able to respond to commands, she isn't in a vegetative state. She's conscious, and she will feel her death from dehydration.

Pray hard. God knows best but some publicity wouldn't hurt in buying this kid some time to show what she can do. Btw, notice how feeding tubes are now "life support"? There's an awful lot of people on "life support", then. Christopher Reeves had a feeding tube.

This is because states have defined so called "artificial" hydration and nutrition as a "life-sustaining" treatment. It's sick.
By the way, Ms. Peel is hardly acting in the best interest of this child. What parent or guardian would disavow the importance of getting a second opinion.

This is the kind of thinking typical of government bureaucrats. Why would anyone want nationalized health care?
Jerri - well, she said it herself. Why take the chance that some doctor might think the child had a chance?

Yes, this is sick. And this is what even our current steps toward nationalized health care have brought us.
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