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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

DU On Alito: Judge Roy Bean Would Be Proud

DU considers the Alito nomination and debates the proper procedure:

8. The Democrats should NOT bother with the questions...
...they ought to (IF they were DOING THEIR JOBS) just start the filibuster. They need to stop being wimps and call the Republithugs on the "nuclear" option. They don't NEED to question Scalito. They KNOW his lousy record. JUST FILIBUSTER THE TALIBAN MAN! NOW.

But is that right? Is that proper?

13. it's important to give him a chance to answer straight I agree with your characterization of the hearings, but only because I've read the accounts of how the hearings played out.

No, after a reasoned and temperate debate, it is clear that a due respect for the Constitution requires that first he get a fair hearing, and then we hang him (oops, filibuster):

30. This is NOT A WASTE OF TIME! it's meaningful, constitutional process and absolutely needs to be done.THEN, fillibuster should follow.

Judge Roy Bean was reputed to have ordered the building of the gallows when hearing of a fugitive's arrest. When a bystander asked if the man might not be guilty, he is supposed to have responded with something like "First we'll give him a fair trial, and then we'll hang him." I suspect that a debate about judicial temperament would be lost on DU.

In another thread, they discuss whether impeaching Bush would automatically invalidate the Roberts and Alito appointments:

8. The laws can be changed, or repealed.
But SCOTUS justices would have to be impeached. It seems to me that after * is impeached--no longer a doubt that he *will* be impeached, the only question is when--Congress is going to be busy fixing things up for quite some time. With SCOTUS firmly in the hands of the lunatics, Congress is going to have to make laws that fix the bad decisions handed down from that lofty court. It's going to be a rough ride because there will still be lunatics in the Congress who will
oppose such rectification.

It seems as if many of them are taking it for granted that Alito will be confirmed, and they do have fascinating ideas about Congressional powers, don't they? Do they believe that the current Republican-led Congress has the constitutional ability to overrule the Supreme Court? This is bizarre, but interesting.

encouraging that this is supposed to be the voice of a reasonable element of our political system isn't it?
tolerant, and well... liberal!

But I don't think DU is necessarily mainstream Dem, although when I read about some other prominent figures, it doesn't seem that they way off base.
I meant "that they are way off base".
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