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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Funniest Post

Betsy Newmark comments on a NY Times story regarding the Alito nomination. Her entire post is laced with hilarious bits of slightly cynical common sense as she contemplates the spin and the general nonsense involved in this type of media manipulation:
The New York Times has a look at how Alito is prepping for his hearings. It's a marvelous example of how each side is trying their own spin. Since, we really have no news and everything is just anonymous aides and associates whispering into the reporter's ear, they can say anything they want and who's to differ?
Gee, just what we want in a Supreme Court justice - an Everyman who also coaches Little League. But maybe that will address Senator Feinstein's objections to John Roberts as not being a man who had suffered what ordinary people have to suffer.
Of course, why we should pay attention to unnamed party strategists is beyond me, but then, I'm not a New York Times reporter. He couldn't find any Democrat to go on record on whether or not a filibuster is a good idea politically?
So, here is what we can expect. He'll have a poor choice of tie and his hair will be mussed, but he won't drink during his testimony. And, he'll remind us once again, that the Senate Judiciary Committee is not composed of mental giants. /span>
No kidding! I hope the practice will have served them well. The NY Times ought to be writing stories about the senators' political futures rather than Alito's practice sessions. Given the prevailing attitude toward Congress these days, they had better tighten up and try to look as if they had done their homework and as if they took their responsibilities seriously. It's 2006.

Look for the Bar Association to be punished- they give Alito high marks.

Subversive bastards.
DU would say, "fascists". The ABA gave Alito their highest rating unanamiously.
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